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The Active Health Clinic.

The Active Health Clinic (AHC), located at HKU B-Active, has been established by the Centre for Sports and Exercise to work with individuals who suffer from or are at risk of developing, inactivity related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis. Special programmes have also been developed for elderly and those suffering from obesity. We serve as a hub for clinicians, exercise specialists and other allied health professionals in promoting health and physical activity among these special populations.

Our Mission

Our mission at AHC is to promote healthy and active lifestyles through proactive screening, assessments, education, and tailor-made health and fitness programming – thereby providing individuals with the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices; plus the tools, guidance, and encouragement they need to achieve their personal optimal health.

Physical Activity is the Medicine of Life

“Physical Activity is
the Medicine of Life”

We believe that:

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