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Collaborative Programmes

Besides our own programmes, the Active Health Clinic also has collaborative programmes which are jointly organised with other departments. These programmes allow us to engage the expertise from other disciplines to provide support from different angles  for a more holistic approach. 

Our Collaborative Programmes for General Populations

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Nutrition Exercise Referral

This programme is jointly organised by the Active Health Clinic and HKU Space Dietetic Clinic for Teaching and Research, targets those who are inactive or who have medical conditions that could benefit from prescribed exercise and nutrition advice. The scheme offers participants the opportunity to receive personalised counselling, assessment, exercise prescription and dietary advice.

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Weight Control Programme

This is a tailor made Healthy, Individualized Weight Control Programme, jointly organised by the University Health Service (UHS), HKU SPACE Dietetic Clinic for Teaching and Research, and the Active Health Clinic. This programme enables you to control your body weight by appropriate diet and exercises. Integrated professional individual advice is provided by doctor, dietitian and health & fitness instructor. Programme is only available for eligible UHS users.

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