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Weight Lifter

Training Series.

We offer a variety of general and sport-specific performance training programmes, which help you build performance-based attributes such as strength, power and speed, supporting the physical demands of life and sport.

Run Strong: Strength Training for Runners

Get stronger, prevent injuries and run faster in 8 weeks!


Our high-performance team have designed this strength & power programme for runners like you! Want to run pain-free and improve your running performance? We’ll show you how to prevent the most common running injuries and ensure you make it to the start line in peak condition! This programme aims to boost your strength endurance and help combat fatigue in the final stretch of the race.


With the Hong Kong Marathon fast approaching, don’t miss this opportunity to take your race pace to the next level by signing-up for our Run Strong course now.







8-week, Every Wednesday (8 sessions)

30 Nov; 7, 14, 21, 28 Dec;  4, 11, 18 Jan

1900 – 2000

High Performance Training Zone @ HKU B-Active

$1,800 (HKU staff/student/sports member) or

$2,200 (others)


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Strength and Conditioning – 8-week Periodized Training

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) comprises of the analysis, delivering and tapering of physical and physiological preparation of athletes aligned to specific sports performance outcomes. This 8-week S&C course begins with laboratory-grade performance assessments including DXA scan and (1) Lab VO2  max + Lactate test for endurance athletes, and (2) Force plate + Speed gate + WattBike test for non-endurance sports athletes.

Based on your fitness level and goals, our S&C specialists will then design individualized training program to achieve your desirable training outcome. Training and programs are periodized thus if you are competing, your programs will also be tapered to ensure peak performances for competitions and games.

The 8-week training will be delivered at HKU B-Active supervised by CSE exercise specialist. After 8-week, you will be taken through a post-training assessment to evaluate training results.

Whether you are elites competing internationally, or recreational athletes who enjoy improvements in sports performances and maintaining injury-free, join this course and take your game to another level.

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Strength and Conditioning for Overall Fitness

Successful sports performances require high level of athletic attributes such as strength, power, speed, mobility, stability, aerobic & anaerobic capacities and many more.


Instead of targeting specific sport performance, this S&C course introduces training on all major aspects of fitness with a primary goal of improving overall physical capabilities among participants.


Most suitable for people who love fitness trainings, and individuals who would like to trial a general S&C training before committing to a specific individualized S&C program.

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Olympic Weightlifting Beginner Technique Course

Olympic-style weightlifting and its derivatives are the most effective exercises to improve strength and power for various sports performances.


In this course, you will learn about the basics of weightlifting including the snatch, clean and jerk, with a primary focus on how to execute the lifts and their derivatives to achieve desirable training outcomes for sports performances. After the course, you will be able to continue training for weightlifting in a safe, fun and effective way.

Note: Participants without experience in barbell training are advised to enroll our barbell course first.

Pre-requisite:    All participants will attend a FREE training session, with physical readiness assessments including (1) Overhead Squat, (2) Front Squat, (3) Snatch Deadlift and (4) Military Press. Participant who experiences pain / demonstrates injury risks will be put on wait-list for the upcoming weightlifting course.

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Olympic Weightlifting Improver Training Course

Weightlifting is a competitive sport, but is also a fun and challenging way to improve health & fitness.


The improver course offers training on weekly-topics such as pulling power, lift-off strength, catch accuracy, range of motion, weight-gain, etc. A progression with increasing intensity will be designed throughout the 8-week and finish with a mock total trial. This course is suitable for individuals who have experience in weightlifting.

Note: Participants without experience in weightlifting are advised to enroll for beginner course first

Pre-requisite:    Basic weightlifting technique (Understand and able to execute Snatch and Clean & Jerk properly regardless of weight)

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Barbell Strength and Fundamental Lifting Techniques

Barbell training has many benefits especially for strength development. It is highly effective, versatile, safe, and suitable for all levels of individuals.


This course introduces the fundamentals of barbell training including lifting technique, exercise selection, executions and correcting common errors. After exploring the basic liftings including Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press, participants will go through a series of training to improve overall strength and lifting performances.


The course will then progress to advanced barbell exercises and finish with heavy trials on basic lifting under the supervision of exercise specialists.

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