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Divers Physical Fitness Exercise Testing

Any form of diving, whether recreational or professional is a potentially hazardous activity and a high standard of medical fitness is required for all divers.

The professional diver is expected to perform work underwater as well as dive and should have a reasonable level of physical and physiological fitness because of the obligatory stresses of the underwater environment. 


For safe diving, the millions of recreational and professional divers should show a reasonable level of fitness during medical examinations. The physical exercise test provided by the Active Health Clinic of the Centre of Sports and Exercise are shown below.

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Our physical exercise test options

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Wattbike Test

Complete a 6 minute ride on a Wattbike and achieve an average of 200 Watts.

Man Working Out

Treadmill Run Test

Complete a 6 minute run on a treadmill with selected speed and incline.


British Army Step test

Achieve a sum of heart beats of 190 or lower after stepping up and down a box for 5 minutes at a rate of 30 times per minute.

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Wattbike Test

Ride the Wattbike for a period of 6 minutes with fixed resistance settings and maintain an average of 200 Watts during a 6 minute ride on a Wattbike.

Wattbike Test Settings:

Air Resistance
Magnetic Resistance
6 Minutes
Level 10
Level 1
90-105 RPM (Recommended)

Test Scoring:

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Treadmill Run Test

Complete a run on a treadmill for a period of 6 minutes with your own selected combination of speed and incline.

- Select a Speed and Incline combination from the table below

7.5 Km/h
8.4 Km/h
9.3 Km/h
9.9 Km/h
10.8 Km/h
11.6 Km/h
12.6 Km/h

Test Scoring:

Treadmill Run Test
Wattbike Test
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British Army Step Test

Step up and down at a rate of 30 times per minute from 0.43m step for 5 minutes. The pulse is counted from 1 to 1.5, from 2 to 2.5 and from 3 to 3.5 minutes after cessation of exercise. The sum of the pulse counts must be less than 190

British Army Step Test Settings:

5 Minutes
30 times per Minute

Test Scoring:

British Army Step Test

Book your Divers Physical Fitness Exercise Test

To make a booking, please contact us and provide us with your personal information, availability and preferred test. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible to set up an appointment.


Please Read and Adhere to the Following Pre-Test Instructions:

  • No hard training session that day or the day prior to your appointment

  • Please ensure you have a light snack 2-3hrs beforehand (liquid or solid).

  • Ensure you are well-hydrated and drink at least 500mls of water 1hr prior


What do you need to bring?

  • Your referral letter issued by UHS for the testing by CSE.

  • Appropriate clothing to exercise in, such as running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.

  • We have a shower and lockers if you would like to change, therefore bring a towel if necessary.

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