Exercise for General Population.

Physical activity has an important role to play in our health and well being. Depending on your health and fitness goals we have a range of programmes that will suit your needs. Those that have no underlying health concerns may choose from a variety of different exercise programmes ranging from one off classes to 10 week programmes.

The objective of these programmes is to provide life long habitual exercise habits that can be continued so that you can continue to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Exercise Programmes for General Populations

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Active Health Fitness Classes

Work out under the supervision of our trained instructors and have more motivation and fun whilst exercising by joining our group classes. Whether you join our Group Class Package or opt for a walk-in session, our great variety of classes challenges you to work harder and help reach your fitness goals.


Exercise for Life Programme (at B-Active)

This 11-week individually-tailored exercise programmes monitored by our Exercise Specialists includes an initial fitness assessment and personalised fitness evaluation, an individualised and regularly adjusted exercise programme prescribed by an Exercise Specialist, and supervised exercise classes 2 days per week. This is one of our very successful programmes of which spaces fill very quickly. Enrollment will be announced through bulk email.

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Yoga at Stanley Ho Sport Centre

Challenge yourself with our Yoga sessions, which focus on poses that target major muscle groups. With continuous movement and flowing postures, each yoga session targets the development of strength and flexibility, as well as restoring your energy through guided breathing and relaxation exercises.

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Nutrition Exercise Referral

This programme is jointly organised by the Active Health Clinic and HKU Space Dietetic Clinic for Teaching and Research, targets those who are inactive or who have medical conditions that could benefit from prescribed exercise and nutrition advice. The scheme offers participants the opportunity to receive personalised counselling, assessment, exercise prescription and dietary advice.