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Research Team
November 2019

HKU discovers gut microbiota and its metabolites as key factors for exercise efficacy in the prevention of diabetes.

The Active Health Clinic, the team in-charge of Health and Fitness arm in the Centre for Sports and Exercise is proud to collaborate with HKUMed, Hans Knoll Institute (Germany) and Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (China) in discovering the relationship between gut microbiota and one’s ability to respond to exercise and its metabolic effects. The findings demonstrated that the right mix and diversity of gut microbiota can have a very influential effect on individuals’ metabolic health and the degree to which they respond to the low-cost lifestyle intervention of exercise.

The study is published in Cell Metabolism, a top-tier and internationally recognised academic journal. For more detail about this publication, please check these links:

Link to the publication:

Media Coverage and Press Release:

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