Exercise Prescription.

The Active Health Clinic provides exercises programmes for a wide range of people, whether you want to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle or have underlying health concerns which can be treated by being more physically active.

Have a look at our exercise programmes to see which one fits you best.

Our Exercise Programmes



The Personal Training Programme aims to provide one-on-one fitness and health training sessions to our members. Led by our team of highly qualified exercise specialists, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists, this group of health and fitness experts will guide and monitor any of our members toward reaching their optimal results.

General Population


Physical activity has an important role to play in our health and well being. Depending on your health and fitness goals we have a range of programmes that will suit your needs. Those that have no underlying health concerns may choose from a variety of different exercise programmes ranging from one-off classes to 10 week programmes.

Special Population


Many physical inactivity related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, obesity and high cholesterol can be prevented and/or treated by being more physically active. Depending on your health and fitness situation choose from a range of testing services and programmes that will suit your individual situation.