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Lab- and Field-Based

Rowing is one of the most physically and physiologically challenging sport. Successful rowing performance would require high level of aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and lactate buffering ability. Aerobic fitness can be quantified by a lab-based VO2max test. However, a higher VO2max value does not necessarily mean a better endurance performer. Other important determinants including body composition, the highest power one can maintain without accumulating significant amount of lactate (Maximal aerobic power), the onset of and the ability to buffer blood lactate (Lactate Threshold) and the VO2 at submaximal aerobic power (Rowing Economy) are arguably the better discriminants upon high performers. Recent research also support the importance of strength and muscular endurance in performance and injury prevention for rowers.

The Test Package includes:

DEXA Scan + VO2max (erg) + Lactate Threshold + Rowing Economy + MAP

DEXA Scan is the gold-measurement of body composition, which provides complete evaluation of total body and regional Body Fat %, Muscle mass (kg) and Bone Density.

2. VO2max LAB TEST - Graded rowing test
Graded VO2max lab test is the gold-measurement of aerobic fitness. Athletes will perform a graded test on rowing ergometer until exhaustion. Through gas analysis at different running speed, the amount of oxygen consumption and physiological response will be measured and thus giving the most accurate measurement of aerobic fitness.

3. LACTATE THRESHOLD - finger tip blood sampling
Heart rate is extensively used in prescribing endurance training. However, it only provides a reference of training intensity as max and min HR is often only estimated (which leads to invalid calculations) and one would possess different aerobic and anaerobic reserves. A better training prescription would be based on accumulation of blood lactate, which allows pinpoint prescription of training intensity for different goals.

Optional test ($300 top up)

A. Qualitative 1RM STRENGTH TEST
1RM test is the most studied dynamic strength attribute among all sports. Assessing 1RM would provide you the most accurate prescription of strength training for different goals - hypertrophy/strength/speed/power. Potential errors and improvements will be identified through Qualitative Analysis of kinematics, technique and lifting form.

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