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Soccer is the most popular sport around the world that requires one to excel in many physical attributes. Although the 90-minute game time is aerobic in nature, the ability to exert superior speed, force and power at critical times are often the higher determining factors of performances. Strength is the foundation of those attributes and can be assessed comprehensively via a force platform in a lab setting. By completing this test, you will learn about your full force-time profile and identify areas for improvements. To evaluate the realization of the crucial attributes on field, please refer to the field tests page.

The Test Package includes:

DEXA Scan + Strength + Power

1. BODY COMPOSITION - DEXA Scan DEXA Scan is the gold-measurement of body composition, which provides complete evaluation of total body and regional Body Fat %, Muscle mass (kg) and Bone Density.

2. ISOMETRIC MID-THIGH PULL - Force Platform IMTP approximates the second pull of weightlifting movement, which induces the highest force and power compared to any other derivatives of the lift. Completing the IMTP on force platform will generate a force-time curve to evaluate your overall strength capabilities.

3. Choose 1 of the following:

3A. COUNTERMOVEMENT JUMP - Force Platform Countermovement jump is perhaps one of the most popular test in athletic assessment. Test it on a force platform would allow comprehensive power evaluation including assessment of concentric / eccentric force generation, stretch shortening cycle efficiency and landing mechanism.


3B. MID-THIGH POWER CLEAN PULL - Force Platform Consider the high power nature and triple-extension kinematics of mid-thigh pull, it is extensively implemented in elite/professional S&C settings to improve strength and power. Trial with various loads on a force platform to learn about the RFD, peak force generation and thus identify the optimal load for training.

Optional test ($300 top up)

A. Qualitative 1RM STRENGTH TEST 1RM test is the most studied dynamic strength attribute among all sports. Assessing 1RM would provide you the most accurate prescription of strength training for different goals - hypertrophy/strength/speed/power. Potential errors and improvements will be identified through Qualitative Analysis of kinematics, technique and lifting form.

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