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Exercise for Life

Physical activity has an important role to play in our health and well being. Depending on your health and fitness goals we have a range of programmes that will suit your needs. Those that have no underlying health concerns may choose from a variety of different exercise programmes ranging from one off classes to 10 week programmes.

The objective of these programmes is to provide life long habitual exercise habits that can be continued so that you can continue to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Exercise Programmes for General Populations


Exercise for Life Programme (at B-Active)

This 11-week exercise programme monitored by our Exercise Specialists includes an initial fitness assessment and personalised fitness evaluation and regularly adjusted exercise programme prescribed by an Exercise Specialist, and supervised exercise classes 2 days per week. This is one of our very successful programmes of which spaces fill very quickly. Enrollment will be announced through bulk email.

Upcoming Programme:

June - August 2024


Exercise for Life on Campus (at CSE Active)

The Exercise for Life on Campus programme is an 10-week training programme offering 2 sessions per week, supervised by our Exercise Specialists at CSE Active. It aims to help participants safely and effectively build physical activity into their lifestyles. The programme includes two (BIA) fitness assessments and an individualized exercise programme of which is regularly adjusted and monitored by our Exercise Specialists.

Upcoming Programme:

June - Aug 2024

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