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High Performance Background

Sports Performance Assessments.


At the High Performance Clinic, we offer wide range of fitness assessments including a comprehensive test package, a series of sports-specific test suggestions and individual test choices categorized by performance attributes.


Fitness assessment is a critical step to generate an evident-based approach for athletic preparation. The Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) package evaluates your most crucial attributes for sports performance:

Body composition, Strength, Power, Speed,

Rate of force development and Aerobic capacity


The CPE package incorporates laboratory-based equipment to make gold-standard assessments available to all:

1. DXA Scan (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) to measure whole body body fat%, fat mass, lean muscle mass 

2. Force platform for strength  and power to measure: peak force, rate of force development and -time data

3. Timing gate for precise speed, acceleration, change of direction speed measurement

4. Optional upgrade to graded VO2 max test for direct measurement of aerobic fitness

Testing 1


The regular monitoring of physical fitness and sport-specific performance is important for those that want to optimize their sport performance and increase the likelihood of success in competition. Through sports-specific fitness test, we can identify strengths and weaknesses within athletes and use this to improve training outcomes. Our sports-specific test can help:

  • Evaluate a performer’s strengths and weaknesses, relative to the demands of their sport.

  • Aid the prescription of suitable training loads.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of training.

  • Provide short-term fitness goals.


There are large variations in the physical demands required to compete in different sports and in line with this, the fitness tests that are implemented should reflect these differences. The HPC offers a wide range of laboratory and field based fitness tests for a variety of sports to help you reach your peak performance.

Testing 2


In addition to our sports performance assessment packages, ​you can also opt for testing of sports performance by single attributes.  These attributes can be:

  • Aerobic power

  • Anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity

  • Muscular endurance

  • Muscular strength

  • Flexibility and joint mobility

  • Speed

This service is most suited for those that want to zoom in on one or multiple attributes or those that have already done the test before and just need an update for monitoring the effectiveness of their training.

Testing 3
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